Corporate centrists, having nothing to run on cept' 'Trump Bad!' yet will continue to back the political/economic policies that has driven us to where we are today. No ideas are coming from there. Like the american suburbs themselves, their politics are about alienation and consumption. No culture or ideas come from those places.

Warren wants to put new brakes on the soul harvester. Bernie wants a different ride.

This time around, Trump Bad is enough to win the election.

Lotta voters aren't sure they can afford a new ride. New brakes on the soul harvester would be nice though, and more in line with the current budget...y'know?
But Bernie is still in the race. Inslee and a few others are not.

I don't see much of a path to him getting the nomination, but it's still early, things can change, and not one single vote has been cast yet. They generally drop out as the money dries up.

Primaries have a really low turnout, mostly old centrists. It's the one real chance the left has to influence the party. Send him money and he'll stay in the race. Swarm the polls and the caucuses like they were a Proud Boys event and yall can put your boy in the drivers seat.
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