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I read a huffpost article today demanding that Warren renounce her claim of Cherokee ancestry.

Elizabeth Warren Has Spent Her Adult Life Repeating A Lie

She simply needs to state she does not have a Cherokee ancestor and that she was wrong to claim one.

Of course, that would be a lie. Her DNA results show that she does indeed have some Native American genes. How did they get there, if not for some distant Native American ancestry? She never claimed to be Cherokee, or any tribe. The article author is suffering from political correctness to the extent that she is denying reality.

More and more I can count on HuffPost to be a publication that promotes empty political correctness and the notion that it's okay to be more offended than the person or group supposedly being targeted.

What persons or groups were "targeted" by Liz Warren? mad

She'd grown up hearing an old bit of family folklore, and all the ancestral originators had long since been in the ground, so they could not speak to the authenticity but as with most folklore, it was passed down. Maybe there was a lone native American in the woodpile, maybe there wasn't but it was an old family story, nothing more.

My wife's father was told the exact same thing by his mother the whole time he was growing up. No one can verify it. He certainly had the look of a Cherokee.

But again, Edith (and Karen's father) are both dead and gone for decades now, so nobody can verify whether or not it was just an old bit of baloney or not.

My only take on this is, when the subject came up, Liz should have said that she was "only going to comment on this ONE TIME, that it was an old family story that everyone was told, PERIOD, end of story, thanks for inquiring."

And that is where it should have ended.
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