blackwhite — the ability to believe that black is white, to know that black is white, and to forget that one ever believed the contrary

doublethink — the act of simultaneously believing two, mutually contradictory ideas

duckspeak — automatic, vocal support of political orthodoxies

bellyfeel — the blind, enthusiastic acceptance of an idea

How long will they stand by Trump?

When the facts and evidence knock down their deepest beliefs, they dig their heels in harder.
It's a backfire effect.

Yup, at least until the pain becomes unbearable anyway.
Eighty percent (who knows, maybe more) of all significant social and political change is based on comfort or perceived lack thereof.

Since long before 2016, Republicans, and later "The Party of Trump", have concentrated most of their public image into the role of "punisher", and they sweetened the pot for the believers, by tricking them into thinking that they are part of something.
They believe, more than anything else, more than the economy, more than immigration, more than even Christian values (which at this point can be anything Trump-God says they are) that punishing libtards is "WINNING".

Nothing else matters as much no matter how much they deny it.
Nothing else sends immediate short term gratification the way punishing libtards does.

Trump fills up empty lives the way crack does.
Not all drugs are chemical compounds.
Trump's Elixir of Liberal Tears is a three card monte that is marketed as a drug.
It is "the drug", and as with all drug addicts, once hooked, they're a slave to it and nothing else matters.

Nothing else sends immediate short term gratification the way punishing libtards does.
(Witness the continual barrage of Trumper reward-seeking behavior on social media!)
It doesn't even matter if it winds up punishing them.
They can't feel that, because the high masks all externalities...until the source of the high goes away, or dries up, or the titty-milk turns sour.

Then the pain comes, and when it does, it comes pent up, full force, unrelenting.

Eventually the pain of addiction forces the addict to seek relief, or it gradually destroys them, and in the end, kills them.

Trumpkins don't realize that all the abuse they've dished out has turned the left numb, so we're better now at dealing with pain than they are.

They wonder why we "hope for a recession".
Well, one reason is because a recession now will be less painful than what we know comes with four more years of Trump and Trumpers.
And we also know that a recession will finally turn off the tap, sour the titty, bring the pain for Trump and his Trumpers.

Pull the bandage off now while we have the stick in our mouth, debride the dead skin and scab, cauterize, or sterilize, suture it shut, reapply fresh dressing.
We will triage, we will repair, we will heal the land, we will heal the heart and mind, and feed the soul.
And we will do it all while kicking ass from now until January 2021 and beyond.

Enjoy that last rock, Trumpers.
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