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This is fast becoming a Biden-Warren race (sorry Bernie), as more (now 4) Dems drop their bids, and others fade. Who do we see as potential running mates? Biden/Harris (patch the rift)? Biden/Beto (sub O'rourke for O'bama)? Biden/Klobuchar? Warren/Booker? Warren/Buttigieg (wonk power!)?

I know centrists and media like pushing that narrative. Much like Centrism and incrementalism, it's been shown to be hollow and lacking any meaningful evidence to back the claim.
other than, I suppose, facts and polling? What criteria do you propose, my friend? Wishful/magical thinking?

Oh, I see the answer. Add in magical economics.

Individual donors is a simple poll. It also measures voter enthusiasm as it has a real political economic component. I see no magic with it.

He also has a large volunteer force in all 50 states. Very dedicated and mobilized.

It may be that it's Biden or Warren. Can't say it's so easy to ignore Sanders at this point but, hey, why not. They did it in 2016 and we saw how that worked out....