One wonders who's side Perez and the DNC is on......

One doesn't have to wonder very much. The DNC is the money side of the party. They did change the "super-delegate" rule so perhaps they aren't evil incarnate. They are the purse strings of the party and as such you can expect them to be a bit on the centrist/corporatist side.

The refusal to grant the Climate Change Debate was one of structure rather than content...sort of.

Can't say it's so easy to ignore Sanders at this point but, hey, why not. They did it in 2016 and we saw how that worked out....

They didn't ignore Sanders. They just didn't agree with him. It's politics. There's a lot more to it than just being right, because everybody thinks they're right whether they agree with you or not.
The way it worked out was that Bernie didn't win in the primaries. He didn't get as many votes as Clinton. You can blame whoever you want but that's what happened. More people voted for Clinton and she got the nomination. Even though Clinton was being constantly attacked and mocked and harangued in the press and online, that anti-Clinton forces from the right and the left united for that one grand take down of the great evil detested by them both. She still got more votes.

we saw how that worked out....

Yeah we sat down that fateful night and watched Clinton get millions more votes than Trump. And then give a concession speech because she lost. And you somehow think Bernie got f*cked over worse than she did?

And you're still butthurt about that 2016 primary.
You want him to win...? GET HIM THE MOST VOTES.

Because on the primary election date in your state and mine a lot of Bernie fans are gonna sit home and say..."Why vote, he's not gonna win anyway because Democrats are assh*les and don't like us so we're not gonna play their silly game..."

And you know how that's gonna turn out?

I don't care whether it's Bernie or Liz. At the end of the day a Bernie and Liz ticket would thrill me to death. The closer we get to the 2020 primaries the more obvious it's going to become that Trump will not be able to win. Possibly won't even run. Republicans will basically abdicate power due to policy failures...So what is it we need Biden for? To beat Trump?

I see it turning into Warren vs Sanders race.
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