I am participating in a massive fraud myself, and it's a big part of the expense of our health care system compared to most other countries. I have to take an MS drug that cost over $70,000 per year and costs the drug company less than $100 per year to make. There are other MS drugs I could take from other drug companies. Just by coincidence, they all happen to cost $70,000 or slightly more per year! Of course, I don't pay that myself. I used to top out and pay about $2500 per year when I was employed and had group coverage. I now pay about $6000 per year with Medicare Part D. The difference is paid by insurance companies or Medicare.

It's our patent system that lets drug companies siphon off huge amount from the insurance companies and Medicare. The drug company has a patent for the drug's time release mechanism for use in MS, although the drug has been around for about 60 years and was once used to preserve leather couches! It was used for decades in treating another autoimmune disease, psoriasis, but the generic psoriasis sufferers have used is being supplanted by this drug through patent cases, raising their costs immensely.

Want to stop the flow of huge amounts of cash into drug companies? Fix the patent system! Only let them charge royalties of 10 times the cost to make the drug. Or even 100 times. And dump the exclusivity rule. There would be dirt-cheap generics for me and every other patient who needs the drugs these companies are using to soak our medical system.