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No amount of money we put into a lockbox will EVER go to paying down debt.

Lockbox? Our government does not and never has put a dime in any lockbox! All of the money our government collects in taxes is spent long before it gets it!
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To be fair I've been making this same argument for years.

And you've been wrong for years if you believe that our government ever had a lockbox! Our government spends about $2 for every $1 it collects in taxes.

You don't seem to get the point I am making.
Austerity and screeching about the need to provision "unfunded liabilities" IS the "lockbox" because when you tie up trillions of dollars, that is the lockbox

Have you ever heard of the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act?
This law, which some have referred to as "the most insane law Congress ever passed", requires the Postal Service, which receives no taxpayer subsidies, to prefund its retirees' health benefits up to the year 2056. This is a $5 billion per year cost; it is a requirement that no other entity, private or public, has to make.
It is a manufactured crisis.
It IS A LOCKBOX, and what do you THINK will happen to the over fifty billion dollars ransomed from the Post Office by the time 2056 rolls around?
I bet you ANYTHING that money will be raided and used for something else.
That is because there is no such thing as an ACTUAL lockbox, except in the mind of every person who talks about unfunded liabilities.

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