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Because when taxes are cut the revenue to our government increases.
That is not now, nor has it ever been, true. That, my friend, is what is called "fraud". It is fraud of long and storied history. Have you ever heard of the "Laffer curve" (which I refer to as the "laughable curve")? We have been at the low end of that "curve" for nearly all of our national history, so it has never been functionally accurate. At best, a tax cut will return about 28% in revenues. Even the tax foundation, a rah- rah proponent of tax cuts, acknowledges that "[the TCJA] will reduce federal revenues by $1.47 trillion on a conventional basis and $448 billion on a dynamic basis over the 10-year budget window."

Long before the Laffer Curve was created cutting taxes raised government revenue.

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Our government cannot create wealth, it can only tax it. Again, laughably untrue.
Do you know how treasuries work? Where does a government treasury get the money that is in it? By taxing people. A government's treasury is not and does not create wealth. A government's treasury is a repository for the wealth that has been collected through taxes.
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Our government doesn't have the revenue to fund Medicare so the idea of a tax funded healthcare system has already been proven to be a solution that does not work! How many times does that FACT have to be repeated before people understand it?
Whether you like it or not NW Ponderer it is a fact.
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Repeating something that is demonstrably false does not make it "a fact", no matter how often you make the same claim. That only works in "conservaworld."
Here is the proof that our government does not have, nor will it ever have, the revenue to fund Medicare in its current state much less extend it to everyone. Where is the $79,000,000,000,000 to pay for Medicare as it currently is going to come from?
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The reason the cost of healthcare is too high is due to many factors. The primary factor is government interference in the private sector with a wage freeze shortly after WWII. Expecting our government to fix a problem it created is like expecting that no one will ever tell a lie again.
It would be nice if you did some research NW Ponderer.
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Again, a repetitive fantasy based upon a falsehood. I'd ask where you get these bizarre ideas, but I don't really care.

No it is not a fantasy based on a falsehood. But then since you just state your opinion and expect it to be accepted as fact you wouldn't know that. (I was a little bit mistaken about the wage freeze. It happened during WWII not after it.)
"The Revenue Act of 1942 triggered another rush to enroll employees in health plans. By slapping corporations with tax rates of 80 or even up to 90 percent on any profits in excess of prewar revenue, Congress all but guaranteed a frenzied search for loopholes. Employee benefits, according to the new law, could be deducted from profits. As an anonymous employer observed in a study published on trends in health insurance, "it was a case of paying the money for insurance for their employees or to Uncle Sam in taxes."

In 1943, two rulings helped accelerate the movement toward employer-sponsored health insurance. The first was a directive by the Internal Revenue Service that employees did not have to pay taxes on premiums paid by their employers. The second was a decision by the National War Labor Board reaffirming the exemption of fringe benefits from the wage freeze."
Our government did create the healthcare problem.
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