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OK i'll bite

As a human Mr Trump is a complete piece of .... Perhaps you like having a racist as president, or pussygrabberinchief, or chaos chef ... are you really going to praise him for these fine qualities? Please tell me what is the virtue of being a racist?
You make idiotic comments rporter314 does that make you an idiot? No, it does not. That Pres. Trump has made some racist comments does not make him a racist anymore than your idiotic statements make you an idiot. What president has been charged with rape a number of times? Hint, it was not a president who made a comment about grabbing a pussy. Something probably every teenage boy and adult male has either said or thought of doing. No, the president who has been accused of rape several is William J. Clinton. But Clinton gets a pass because he is a liberal. Your double standard on this is disgusting!
What has he done? Due to a combination of narcissism and racism he has tried to rescind everything Pres Obama did. He passed a Republican tax cut, which Republicans would have passed whomever occupied the WH. He has disrupted the economy on a national scale and perhaps on a global scale. O ... he nominated SC justices vetted by the Federalist Society which were confirmed by a Republican Senate (it wouldn't have mattered who was in the WH).

Everything Pres. Trump has done is because of narcissism and racism? What a crock of snit!

So I am curious ... just what are you praising him for? Have you pledged your fealty to him?

Where in my comment did I praise Pres. Trump? I didn't! But like many liberals you seem to have trouble reading what I wrote. Instead you read into it something I did not say. I have not pledged fealty to Trump but you have shown that you have done so to Pres. Obama. You did by claiming that Trump's efforts to rescind what Obama did is not only wrong but bad for our country. If the lowest unemployment rate for blacks, Latinos, and women is bad for the country than Trump is a terrible president.
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