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So your argument is, since Pres Madison as main writer of Constitution, believed in a strict interpretation, only his opinion is valid, as opposed to other writers, other people associated with and elected to the federal government whom were involved with the Constitution. I suppose you could select a Greek philosopher from 300 bc and say only his view of the world is valid and everyone else is wrong, and you would have to agree.

Do you not see a problem? Why would you arbitrarily agree with Pres Madison?

Again, you are reading into my comment something I did not say. When interpreting our Constitution looking at the views of its primary author is a very good way to understand what it is meant to do. But one must also remember that Madison had help from a number of very intelligent men. What they thought is also important. As important as their advice was the amount of their contribution to the writing of our Constitution should be taken into consideration. The views of the Pinckney's are rarely considered but they were active members of the Constitutional Convention. Madison is known as the "Father of the Constitution" for a reason. The reason is that he wrote most of it and was instrumental in organizing the convention to write it.

Please try to read what I actually wrote, not what you believe I wrote.
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