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Trump has made some racist comments does not make him a racist
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so when a "real" racist makes racist comments apparently you believe that does not make him a racist.

Look!!!! ... if a person says something idiotic, then I can say they said something idiotic. If a person continues to say idiotic things, then I can conclude they are an idiot. So I am forced to conclude you do not believe people who continue to say idiotic things are idiots. Other options are they are .... {sheepishly} stable geniuses?

As much as you would like to believe it Pres. Trump is not a racist.
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a comment about grabbing a pussy. Comment??? He clearly stated he grabs pussy's because women and girls allow "stars" to do anything they want to do. He was not fantasizing or making juvenile locker room remarks. Mr Trump stated he grabs pussy ... because HE is a STAR. The reality is he is a putz, who has to pay porn stars for sex and then is too stupid to comprehend they may go public with this escapade and so pays them again to not say anything. And you think this character is brilliant.

Unfortunately women do allow men to grab their pussy because they are stars or powerful men. Case in point Harvey Weinstein and other LIBERAL Hollywood stars. He offered Stormy Daniels money for sex. She did not take it. Later he did pay her keep quiet before the 2016 election. I never said or even suggested that I think Trump is brilliant. That is something you have, again, read into my comments. Something that wasn't and isn't there!
So you made some kind of equivalence between someone who actually grabs pussy and someone who was accused of rape. Pres Clinton was accused of one act of sexual assault (I guess penetration is necessary for rape) and one account of rape and 2 accounts of sexual misconduct. He paid off one accuser and no charges were filed in other cases. Pres Clinton denies all charges. Now I have no direct evidence other than accusations of his conduct. Should I speculate? So we have one person who admits to his conduct and another who does not and you think I have a double standard? Better check your argument for partisan hackery.

Two accounts of sexual misconduct by Pres. Clinton? To downplay or ignore that Clinton was accused of sexual misconduct more than twice is a double standard and political hackery. Try ten accusations of sexual misconduct by Clinton. https://heavy.com/news/2016/05/bill-clin...hotos-pictures/

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It takes more than someone saying they are a stable genius for me to get weak in the knees. People with big egos had better have a large portfolio to impress me. Narcissists need not apply. They need help.

Where did I say, imply or suggest Trump is a stable genius? I didn't. This is another example of you reading something into what I said.

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What a crock of snit!
and yet you presented no refutation. .... that was the cue for you to present evidence Mr Trump does not act solely to benefit his own delusions of grandeur or as a racist.

Does Pres. Trump act solely for his own benefit? No, he does not. If he did he would not have run for the presidency and thus subjecting himself to all of the abuse he has received. Although to some extent Trump, like everyone else, does act for his own benefit. Doing so is a part of human nature.

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But like many liberals you seem to have trouble reading what I wrote. Instead you read into it something I did not say.

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One of the most difficult problems in trying to discuss anything with a conservative (that being you) is their belief that no one can derive a conclusion based on what they say or to put it another way if the conservative did not use the precise words of a conclusion then they did not say it or believe it or think it.

If you say A, B, and C and they are logical parts of an argument then certainly I can conclude certain things about what you believe or think based on your own statements.

When you do you your conclusions are wrong. They are because they are clouded by liberal bias.
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Where in my comment did I praise Pres. Trump? I didn't!
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you didn't say it but you suggested by your statement that liberals do not praise him, that praise is due Mr trump which also suggests YOU have or will praise him for something he has done or said. My question was WHAT has Mr trump done or said which deserves my praise? Now since you believe Mr Trump is deserving of praise ... that is also the cue for YOU to present the evidence. Maybe we can all praise him together.
Show me some praise Trump has received from a liberal. If it has happened finding it will take a long time because it has not happened very often. When any of our elected officials do something that deserves praise I will give them the praise they are due.

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I have not pledged fealty to Trump but you have shown that you have done so to Pres. Obama.You did by claiming that Trump's efforts to rescind what Obama did is not only wrong but bad for our country.
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Yikes. Wrong!!!! You have erroneously concluded your own belief of what I believe or think. I made no claim as to whether rescinding anything Pres Obama did was good bad or ugly. My observation was Mr Trump has made it a mission to rescind everything the black president enacted as if Mr Trump is repealing what he believes is a bad black presidency.

Why are you injecting race into this discussion? I never mentioned Pres. Obama's race! If Trump had a mission to rescind what Obama did it was because he disagreed with what Obama did. NOT because of Obama's race! Thanks for showing who is the real racist here.
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If the lowest unemployment rate for blacks, Latinos, and women is bad for the country than Trump is a terrible president.

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Are you for real????

By repeating administration talking points I have to wonder if you have ever really thought about what they are trying to say. Mr Trump is trying to suggest he is not a racist because ethnic rates are lower than previous administration. So just why would that be valid?

The rates for women and ethnic groups at end of Pres Obama's term was also the lowest. So should I derive some notion about Pres Obama's racism?

The rates are the lowest because the overall rate is lowest in years which has been the downward trend since 2010. If you want to impute Mr Trump has initiated some programs or laws or EO's which were purposefully directed to help women and ethnic minorities to mitigate the disparity found between those groups and whites ... here is your cue ... present that evidence, otherwise it turns out that the differences in rates are essentially the same from 2010 to now i.e. blacks about 100% more than whites ... Latinos about 50% more than whites ... and guess what .... women about the same as men

So again I ask .... what has Mr trump done to get your praise????

The difference was the spike in unemployment rates during the Obama administration that started to decline in 2010. Pres. Obama deserves praise for the start of the decline in the unemployment rates in the last two years of his administration. That Trump has continued what started during the Obama administration is a good thing.
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