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I don't think any of us are especially proud of Bubba Clinton's antics between the sheets. But he was impeached for his shenanigans. Do you, Senator, also endorse the impeachment of President Trump?

Since Pres. Trump has done nothing that justifies an attempt impeach him, I do not endorse it being done. The trumped up charges that have been made against him are worthless. (Pun intended.)

More common ground! We practically stand in solidarity comrade!

The charges were trumped up by Republicans, investigated by Republicans under a Republican administration. It was a little mini coup that failed. But he most certainly has been accused of rape, rape of a minor, He has been accused of molestation, of harassment, and of paying off mistresses and prostitutes who slept with him willingly.

Those charges and more have been flushed away for another day, some maybe "TRUMPed" up some not...Yer boy is no saint Senator so don't throw the first stone.
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