Does Pres. Trump act solely for his own benefit? No, he does not. If he did he would not have run for the presidency and thus subjecting himself to all of the abuse he has received. Although to some extent Trump, like everyone else, does act for his own benefit. Doing so is a part of human nature.
You completely ignored my rebuttal, so I am forced to conclude you have arbitrarily determined nothing Mr Trump does is in any respect controversial. So should I also conclude if Sec Clinton had done or said the same things Mr Trump has done or said she is also absolved? LOOK!!!! Had she done or said the same things Mr Trump has done or said I would excoriate her and bring the tar. Your partisan tolerance is disconcerting.

When you do you your conclusions are wrong. They are because they are clouded by liberal bias.
Should my conclusions be wrong (and certainly they could be but I am pretty objective when I analyze stuff) please point it out but don't point out a conclusion which offends you when it is valid.

Show me some praise Trump has received from a liberal.
Show me something for which he is deserving of praise!!!!! I keep asking and you continue to ignore my begging.

When any of our elected officials do something that deserves praise I will give them the praise they are due.
Yes I see you praised Mr Trump for his actions during the campaign for currying Russian favor, requesting assistance, and when the FBI became suspicious of possible criminal activities Mr Trump obstructed their investigation .... and you praised him. Do you really believe Pres Madison had that in mind for our republic????

Why are you injecting race into this discussion? I never mentioned Pres. Obama's race! If Trump had a mission to rescind what Obama did it was because he disagreed with what Obama did. NOT because of Obama's race!
I think you better read what Mr Trump has said. He is the one who uses racist memes for which you reject as being racist. I can only conclude Mr Trump only walks and talks like a racist but is the rara avis of not being what he is.

I have no problem with Mr Trump rescinding policies which does not comport with conservative ideals, but everything Pres Obama did was bad!!!! Really!!!! Maybe you didn't hear about Mr Trump leading Obama birtherism. Mr Trump lied about doing an investigation so the only thing left which was true and valid was his racism.

The difference was the spike in unemployment rates during the Obama administration that started to decline in 2010.
OK ... and ...what?

Pres. Obama deserves praise for the start of the decline in the unemployment rates in the last two years of his administration.
I guess you haven't seen the stats. It started in 2010 with big government economic packages aimed at turning a severely contracted economy around. The unemployment rates started declining in 2010 as a direct result of those economic policies enacted, and they continued to decline throughout the next 7 years of the Obama administration.

You can say you don't like the way it was done but you can't say it didn't work. Of course I can ask what policies would you have enacted to achieve the same of better results. At the time conservatives said do nothing. Maybe you had a different prescription.

That Trump has continued what started during the Obama administration is a good thing.
Again, I guess you have not seen the stats.

Job Gains :: Mr Trump has not bested the jobs gains under Pres Obama

Unemployment Rate :: it has fallen 1% since Mr Trump took office. It has been falling since 2010.

Growth :: Looks about the same as Pres Obama's stats for last few years or nothing to write home about.

Middle Class income :: higher but it was already rising the last few years of Obama's term. Should be expected as more people are working.

Stock Market :: Under Pres Obama DJIA up 46% at same time as Mr Trump's 25%. A bit misleading as Mr Trump is reaping the benefits of Pres Obamas bootstrap of the market.

and so forth. For all the bluster from Mr Trump he has not done much of anything except not blow it up. Now that could be BIG, as he is the chaos in chief and he is in the start of a trade war which every rational economist says will not end well for America and maybe the world. So while Mr Trump hasn't blown it up yet .... give him some time, he is working on it

So again .... what has Mr trump done or said which deserves my praise???
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