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Long before the Laffer Curve was created cutting taxes raised government revenue.

You are equating tariffs with income taxes.

No, I am not. Tariffs and income taxes have been used as sources of government revenue. The example I posted shows that when governments cut taxes, whether they are tariffs or on income, their revenue goes up.

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Note that Trump is drastically increasing tariffs (and not for a stated purpose of raising revenues). This unreasonable increase of tariff/taxes appears to be hastening the economy into a recession.

While I strongly disagree with Pres. Trump raising tariffs I can see and understand why he is doing it. He is doing it as way of bargaining with other countries. When people or countries bargain they start out asking for the what is the most beneficial for them. Their counterpart's offer is what is best them. That is done not with the expectation of getting all of what they want but in an attempt to get the best deal that they can.
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Perhaps you could explain how cutting income taxes on the wealthy serves to raise government revenues?

Why do stores seek to keep their prices as low as possible? They do so to get as much business as possible. When taxes are low those who have the most money, the wealthy, will not actively look for ways to avoid paying taxes. People don't work their ass off so they can pay most of what they earn in taxes. Low prices = a lot of business. Low taxes = a lot of revenue.
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