An objective person does not take one sentence out of a page long article in an attempt to prove their point. Doing so is known as cherry picking or taken a quote out of context.

The context was an insinuation hit job with only the single sentence which bore direct evidence to refute your specious claim. So in this case it was not cherry picking. It was in fact the essence of the entire piece.

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The Hillary Clinton-led Democrats have been a party in denial, first asserting that winning the popular vote — and not the Electoral College — should give them the election last year, then claiming Donald Trump won only through the social-media machinations of mysterious Russian officials, and then believing Trump should be impeached solely because he is, well, Donald Trump.

This is a whole paragraph which will demonstrate what I say.

I have not heard of anyone making the claim winning the popular vote SHOULD give them anything. I have heard (and this has been going around for a number of years, before anyone ever heard of Mr Trump) people try to make the case we should abandon the electoral system as it no longer reflects the American electorate.

I have not heard of a single person who has claimed Russian meddling was THE major factor which led to Mr Trump's electoral victory. What a few people have said is, Russian meddling probably influenced a few voters but it is unknown what the extent was. Far more impactful was Dir Comey's announcement Sec Clinton was under investigation just 11 days before the election. Of course if you believe Mr Trump's lies then Dir Comey's announcement was a rather nefarious plot perpetrated by the DEEP STATE to get Sec Clinton elected. This is so delusional I can't wrap my head around it.

Absolutely no one has ever suggested Mr Trump should be impeached because he is Mr Trump. They have suggested he be impeached for what he has done. These are not policy disputes as was the case with Pres Obama, but personal actions taken by Mr Trump which would result in indictments if he were not the occupant of the WH.

This citation is an example of fallacious use of opinion as fact.
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