I actually think the entire 'debate' is crazy. The right to lifers insist the pregancy comes to term. Then they cleverly walk away from everything as their job is done. I you travel in latin America you will notice that there are a LOT of abandoned children around. Goto Brazil and they beg at every outdoor table whilst you eat, etc. This is the result of the Catholic church doing its duty and making sure every child gets to term before they just abandon them.

My point is, basically, that what they are actually doing is making sure we have lots of unwanted children. There is some evidence that legal abortion has actually contributed to a lessening of crime. Seems that unwanted children have serious problems. I have often wondered what would happen if there was a law that any child produced that was unwanted was taken by the right to life folks which would support, love, feed and educate said unwanted child through college. I suspect I would have a slightly different thought about Right to Life folk. I also know they are certainly not going to do that as that would interfere with their important stuff.