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I am leaving. This is my last comment. The reason I have decided to leave is the hatred for Pres. Trump. While I am not a big fan of Trump I do not hate him. I don't hate anybody, especially someone I've never met. I don't need the negativity of the hatred for Trump that permeates the CHBRR in my life. Nor do I need or want to argue with a group of people who live in an impenetrable ideological cocoon. People who refuse to even consider that they might be wrong.
Where does this come from, my friend? I have hardly mentioned that personage at all. I have seen incredibly few references to him in most of the posts. Can you provide examples? Seriously, I'd like to know.

It's me. I'm the guilty one. gobsmacked , Hmm

My bad. cry

(But, I'm not wrong about Trump. laugh )
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