I don't hate Trump. I feel sorry for him, because there's obviously some combination of mental and organic brain disease at work there. That 10,000 documented lies thingie is pretty disturbing.

I hate some of the things he has done, like trusting Putin over our own intelligence services, revealing secrets to Putin, kissing up to Kim, starting a trade war, reversing EPA rules on methane, and exiting TPP and the Iran nuclear deal. He seems to have done those last three just because Obama signed on to them. It's as if he assumes Obama was bad, therefore everything Obama did must be undone with zero thought to the consequences.

We used to have some continuity with such treaties and agreements, so people around the world could trust we would have the same policy from one President to the next. Now Trump has destroyed that trust.

The ironic thing is that until Trump, Republicans would NEVER have trusted Putin or Kim, NEVER have delivered secrets to Putin, NEVER have obstructed free trade, etc.