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...That 10,000 documented lies thingie is pretty disturbing.

It's over 12,000+ . Trump lies as he breathes. He knows what he's doing. The guy is a total sociopath. Hmm

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I hate some of the things he has done, like trusting Putin over our own intelligence services, revealing secrets to Putin...

Russian asset or useful idiot? "Russian asset" suggests the ability to think and reason and weigh consequences - that's not Trump. Trump as a useful idiot is more like it. smile

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...He seems to have done those last three just because Obama signed on to them.

The absolutely obvious jealousy that Trump has for Obama is hilarious. Even Melanie smiles when she sits next to BAMZ!!! during state funerals. laugh

All Donald J "Bed Bugs" Trump gets from Melanie is a scowl. gobsmacked

Trump has been a national embarrassment since day one. Things have never gotten better. Hmm
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