Let us hope the polling continues its current trend. Two more Republicans pulled the plug on reelection just yesterday, which bodes well for Dems in the Senate and House, as well as influencing the GOP turnout. More than a dozen Republicans are leavin...g again in 2020 (USA Today). I don't want to get overexcited, as it is still 2019. I'm also impressed by Biden's staying power. I think the "gaffe-machine" mantra is baked in and he is still popular with a wide swath of the Democratic electorate. In fact, he's never been unpopular. He'll need a strong, young, probably female running mate. Trump, I think, is pretty much maxed out. He'll get the Republican vote, hands down (although his approval even there is down), but his standing among independents is eroding rapidly. Majority of independents oppose Trump reelection, undecided on 2020 Democrats: poll (Marist via npr)