The ReaderRant Roundtable
for Fall 2019

Well, here we are looking at the end of the second decade of the twenty-first century. I dunno bout the rest of you but I hardly even imagined myself making it to the year 2020.
It's almost like that song "In the Year 2525"...

Except that no one predicted that sudden sharp turn that made Idiocracy transform from a science fiction comedy to a documentary, at least according to the writer and director of the film!

Wifey and I are about to pull the trigger on solar power, and we're hoping we pick the right people and the right firm to do the job.
I know some of you already have solar, so I am open to any suggestions!

The quest for new Ranters continues apace.
Please feel free to invite anyone you feel is quality people to our family. Just let me know what name or handle they go by.