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Trump is useful idiot for the Russians?

Well...if you have to ask. Yes. smile

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Is that why he has imposed more sanctions on Russia while he has been our President than Pres. Obama did during his entire administration?

The whole reason why Putin wanted Trump is to lessen the tough economic sanctions that BAMZ!!! placed onto Russia.

Congress passed tough sanctions on Russia during Trump's term, but Trump begrudgingly signed those bills MONTHS after they were passed. What...the...hell...are...you...talking about, sir? mad

One very liberal source, The Brookings Institute, and a fairly balanced one, The Hill, says you are wrong. Pres. Trump has been tougher on Russia than Pres. Obama was. It might help pdx rick if you could get past your apparent automatic reaction of thinking Pres, Trump is always wrong.
Hoo boy.... <moving lectern out of the way, and hobbling high horse.>

Let me begin by quoting your cited Hill story:
President Trump signed an executive order on Thursday imposing a second round of long-awaited sanctions on Russia over the Kremlin's involvement in the poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter living in Britain.
When did that attack occur? 4 March 2018 (a year and a half ago).
Bipartisan lawmakers have criticized the Trump administration’s delay in taking what they say is legally mandated action to follow up on last year's sanctions....
The announcement comes after the House Foreign Affairs Committee's top Democrat and Republican sent a joint letter to Trump earlier this week threatening new congressional action to force action on the sanctions.
A little context seemed in order. As it turns out, it does say it languished on the President's desk.

Secondly, the Brookings article was a reprint of a story in The American Interest - a decidedly neoconservative publication, so dressing it up as "liberal" is hardly persuasive.