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The people who try to "convert" gays to being straight are not conservatives. They are Bible thumping charlatans. They are people who believe in a collection of myths that were written thousands of years ago. While those people might work for and support conservative politicians and causes they are not conservatives, classical liberals, because they do not believe in the First Amendment. A person's sexual orientation is their business!

They ID as such, they vote as such and they rant and rave AGAINST liberals, so despite your NO TRUE SCOTSMAN attempts, yep...they're conservatives.

And after putting up with weeks and weeks of your constant red-baiting, perhaps now you might understand how it feels.
But the difference is, NOBODY I know on the Left, here on the Rant or in real life, walks around mumbling about the glory of Karl Marx.

The difference is, these gay conversion folks, ALL THEY EVER DO is talk about being conservative.
No, they are not. Again you ignored what I wrote. You ignored that true conservatives are classical liberals, people who put the First Amendment before their religion.

The only person who felt he was being "red baited" was you Jeffery. That you felt I was "red baiting" you with my comments is your problem not mine.

There are two reasons people on they left, on the Rant, or in real life don't walk around mumbling about Karl Marx.
1) They don't know who Marx was.
2) They don't know what he wrote.
You can't mumble about something you don't know about.
The state can never straighten the crooked timber of humanity.
I'm a conservative because I question authority.
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