See, don't need to. You grumbled about "cherry picking" a while back, quoting a single line and replying to it.

Most lengthy posts or "rants" as we call them can be synopsized into a single brief quote. Or maybe one line catches in your craw and inspires you to type out a rant of your own. But most replies need not be more than a line or two.

Rant when you feel like ranting, snark when you feel like snarking, debate when you feel like debating. We'd rather be your friends than be your enemies.

You choose how much time you spend arguing with people who will never agree with you and how much time you spend trying to find common ground with them. That's the beauty of it all turns out in the end. We're currently pursuing a goal of mutually assured destruction. Does it have to be this way?
Good coffee, good weed, and time on my hands...