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I think they will elect female Senators, Representatives, and even Governors. President is a whole quantum leap different. Hillary was 1000 times more qualified that Trump, yet a lot of White women did not vote for her. If it was about their own best interests, they would have.

Instead they voted for their own worst enemy. I think a significant percentage of that vote would have gone the other way if the Democratic candidate had been male.
There's many reasons Hillary lost. One of the biggest is independents really, really disliked her. 27% of independents had a favorable view of her vs. 70% who had an unfavorable opinion of her. Trump wasn't loved by independents either, but at 40% favorable, 57% unfavorable, that was enough for him to win the independent vote and thus the White House. Questions 10 and 11.


What's interesting is that more women had an unfavorable view of Hillary, 52% than a favorable view of her 47%. Hillary just wasn't liked much. 38% of all Americans had a positive view of her, 56% a negative one. Trump was worst among all Americans, 36% positive, 60% negative. But it was independents that decided 2016. Independent men voted for Trump 50-38 with 12% voting third party against both major party candidates. Independent women went to Hillary 47-42 with 11% voting third party against both.


I'll add this, in my opinion almost any other democrat, alive or dead would have trounced Trump. The Democrats choose about the only candidate that stood a chance of losing to him. Such is life and elections.

Agreed, Hillary turned people off...TWICE!! ROTFMOL (2008-2016)

Policy wonk? CHECK
Capable? CHECK
Integrity? CHECK - debatable but miles above Trump

Trouble is, she's arrogant. I don't care if she feels entitled, you have to drop the mask and meet the people, not stand around waiting for your coronation.
And when the Feds tell you that you have to upgrade your ancient Blackberry, the thing you DO NOT DO is thumb your nose and take your server private just so you aren't inconvenienced having to learn new tech.

People just flat out disliked her.
I liked her okay but she was not my first choice. Bernie was.
Over the months I watched and began to dislike her more, and get this:
Her contribution to S-CHIP is why my son is still alive today.
So, I can't HATE her!
I STILL did not WANT to vote for her - even though I did under protest.

A lot of people just stayed home, voted oppo out of spite, wrote in...too many did just that, mostly the former.
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