The GOP corruption and cheating is getting really out-of-hand. Yesterday, the North Carolina's 9th Congressional District had a re-do election, because the results of the 2018 midterm were thrown out over fraud against a consultant for the Republican candidate.

The kicker is that the GOP won by 2.0 points after spending $6.3 million on a district that had been red since 1963.

This morning, right-wingers were celebrating winning a rightwing red district by 2.0% - when you celebrate a historically red district's win by 2.0 points, you know the movement is in trouble. smile

Then, this afternoon, America finds out that while the NC Governor and Dem legislature was attending a 9/11 Memorial Service this morning, the NC GOP legislature overrode a spending bill 55 to 9 - only half of the legislators present.

On the Federal level, Trump's Scottish Airport/Hotel scheme is coming under fire, with the US Military postponing the deal.

Trump's SharpieGate got a little weirder when SecComm Wilbur Ross threatened to purge NOAA staffers after Ross reportedly called the acting administrator of NOAA, Neil Jacobs, and told him he must fix the agency’s perceived correction of the president. When Jacobs refused, Ross reportedly threatened to fire political staff at NOAA if he did not comply.

The GOP has become a sleazy, nasty, cheating, unethical organization in the age of Trump and can no longer claim the moral high-ground. Hmm
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