Occasionally I listen to NPR. Yesterday had a segment on the top three dem candidates. The conversation confined itself to two of the three. ‘Electability’ and ‘likability ‘ were talked about and almost nothing else. As brain dead a political conversation as you could get. Almost on the scale of party leadership:

“A few hours later, Martin addressed thousands from the convention podium and — in more restrained tones — focused on blaming nonresponsive voters for the failures of Democratic candidates to inspire them. “In 2016 we had 10 percent of Democrats who voted for Donald Trump,” he said. “We had 53 percent of white women who voted for Donald Trump. We had a tripling of the third-party vote throughout our country. And probably most discouraging to me: as consistent Democratic base voters, people who always show up in elections, many of them didn’t show up to vote at all.”

A logical question would be: Why did many of them not show up to vote at all? But Martin wasn’t going there”

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