Too many on the Left sat home and sulked, too many Dems sat home, thinking we already had it in the bag, and that left mostly people who have been conditioned to not trust our institutions, not trust any form of government or even trust what they see and hear in the media....i.e. acting like the lady who stayed on the toilet for two years.

Basically by sitting home and sulking, or believing we had it in the bag, we let the idiots on the right make our choices for us.
But by being complacent, or acting like spoiled brats, we were the bigger idiots, bigger because we ought to have known better.

I sincerely hope that this four year long Trump bukkake party will permanently disabuse enough liberals of the idea of staying home and not bothering to vote. If not, then they will get treated to another four year long Trump bukkake session, with some scatological fun thrown in for good measure.
"The Best of the Leon Russell Festivals" DVD