Makes sense to me. We just don't know and won't until we are willing to do some real searching for the cause, the reason. I do think many of us can make educated guesses and hit on some that may be the causes. That most of us don't want to know what the real cause is. That we wouldn't like the real cause or reasons that come forth.

"We" being whom? I mentioned above that I believe economic stress is at the heart of it all. Stay at home moms went the way of cheap doctor bills and living wages. Kids raised themselves.

I'll admit that I'm baffled at the mess that our society has become, but I can still relate everything that has gone wrong to family economics. If I was going to point a finger at any one thing that caused all this it would be easy credit. Instead of keeping the minimum wage current with inflation The government let the banks extend a everyone a line of credit...Credit Cards.

The result is a society buried in debt and economic stress. Nobody has any idea how to live within their means anymore and it extends into every facet of their lives. That most recent shooter got fired from his job and it tipped the scales. A directly economic cause of the shooting.

If all he had was a deer rifle maybe he'd have gone hunting deer instead of people. Back during the prohibition they outlawed machine guns. Because police were being outgunned. If these shooters were targeting policemen with these weapons you'd find them banned in a heartbeat. But it's just regular folks and schoolkids watering the tree of liberty with their blood. A price we pay for our freedom.
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