Trump unleashes ISIS in Kurd Country

Intel officials say ISIS could regroup after U.S. 'betrayal' of Kurds in Syria

“The immediate concern, officials say, is what will happen with the 12,000 ISIS fighters currently being guarded by the American-backed Kurds. The ISIS prisoners are the world's largest concentration of terrorists. If those fighters are set free, officials fear a replay of what happened in Iraq between 2010 and 2013, when the core group who founded ISIS were released or escaped from detention after U.S. forces left the country.”

Basically, Donald Trump has done THIS: (see image)

12,000 ISIS prisoners guarded by Kurds may be freed thx to Trump
if one views the Kurd-guarded ISIS prisoners as ghosts and goblins in the containment field in “Ghostbusters” and Donald Trump as the corrupt official who orders the containment field shutdown.

Great job, Mister President!!
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