The goal is single-payer. That's something I would like very much. The question is: How do we get there from here? There is so much money and opposition involved, I doubt everybody will suddenly come to their senses and do the right thing! That NEVER happens in America. Politics is The Art of the Possible. So what is possible? If we fight hard and a lot of things work out, I think we can get a public option put back in ACA. We can also undo all the Republican "fixes" that tried to kill ACA.

Expand Medicaid in every state so a bunch of people are not in the gap between Medicaid and ACA. That is just plain insane! Right now if people make a little too much for Medicaid but not enough for ACA, they have to pay full price. If they make just enough for ACA, it is essentially free. What clown designed that system? (Answer: Republicans)