So pardon me if I don’t buy your , ‘hey man that’s just how things are’

Things aren't how they are because I want them to be this way.

Even discussing healthcare with a Republican President and a Republican Senate is a complete waste of time. Even if the house passes a watered down pharma bill it will never see the light of day in the senate. Even if they hope watering it down might get McConnell to put it to a vote.

Bernie's plan is to incrementally lower the age for Medicare enrollment. First to 55 then to 45 on down the line until everyone is covered. It could take many many years to accomplish it and enormous political resistance each time another step is taken. He plans to pay for it with a transaction tax on Wall Street.

Warren's plan is to abolish private insurance and put everyone on Medicare all at once. She plans to pay for it with a 2% tax on wealth over $50Million.

What's your plan? You with Bernie and incrementalism? Or Warren's more radical approach? Biden doesn't have a plan so he is the most likely to beat Trump. Because Americans don't like plans.

My plan is to watch and see what happens. I'm convinced now that Democrats are the devil so I will no longer be voting at all.
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