I recollect the total emails which were mostly classified ad hoc as 113. Of that only 3 threads actually had classified material embedded in the body of the email. All of those were "confidential" and marked by the "C" indicating confidential. And of all of those all actual classified material was stripped from the body leaving only unclassified words.

Now of the other 110 threads most had to do with State Dept responses to a known black operation i.e. drone assassination strikes in pakistan. And all of these were originated by news articles which the sender requested State Dept responses. They were all classified because they discussed a black op which BTW was publicly known and especially after Pres Obama declassified on the fly a la Mr Trump.

In my opinion much ado about 3 email threads which had some "confidential" headers embedded in the body of the emails.

What really rankles me is the lack of good preemptive judgement on her part especially after 20 years of demonization by right wing nuts ... you would have thought she would have the good sense to use private email account for her private business and the easily hackable government servers for government business.

As far as deleting emails, NARA regulations at the tie allowed every person who had government accounts the opportunity to delete non-government emails at every persons discretion. That she would delete personal emails would be the same as any secretary in the pool deleting private non-government related emails.

As far as all the hubbub about backups etc coming from the right wing nuts ... they are all idiots with no knowledge nor understanding of how email servers work.
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