You are talking of individual emails, I was talking about email threads.

Also note just talking about a black ops program, which was top secret, except everyone in the world knew about it, would have been classified as TS, except these folks did not believe simply developing a response to news articles was the same as embedding copy and pasted reports.

Your citation does not clarify anything. The accusation was she sent or received classified material. Now what I interpret that to mean is part of whole classified reports were attached or embedded in emails. I do not consider a discussion of State Dept responses to news articles regarding classified materials as classified material because the actual material to be classified is not a part of the discussion (my impression at the time from public sources). I suppose if one were to be a stickler about even obliquely mentioning classified material then there may have been cause to classify. Thus a discussion of the Pakistan drone assassination program instigated by a news article about the secret program would to me not make sense to classify, except inherently because it was closed to the public.

Note also in that citation there is no mention of how the email threads were started. I think context offers a better picture of what was going on, rather than a narrative without explanation i.e. conservatives like to say even though the emails were classified after the fact, we should look at them as if they had been classified when sent, which offers no context.

Now since I mentioned the TS CIA Pakistan Drone assassination program, this thread is now classified and you should read it ... well you know what comes next.
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