Simply put, to Clinton supporters she did no wrong. To the anti-Clintonista's, she should have been tarred and feathered and thrown in jail for putting this country's security at risk. You're not going to change any of their minds.

Perhaps true and valid but may I say, had Sec Pompeo done the same thing with emails, I would have come to the same conclusion i.e the minor infraction of embedding the confidential header "C" in emails and stripping out all the confidential material, and discussing responses to CIA black op programs from news article starters. Of course it was never stated but I wonder, were those threads classified because the news articles mentioned the programs or because of the discussion??? Had Sec Clinton and staff been embedding or attaching classified docs in those emails, yeah she should have been persecuted [ed.].

I did not support her but I was forced to vote for her as the alternative was far worse ... not just a little but far worse.
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