I find it interesting. Most of the folk, on this site, seem to be lefties (Democrats). Most are also upset with the "Hillary Emails". I find that pretty interesting. The Trump daughter, Ivonka (I think) has been using a private email server since Trump took over (as far as I know). That being the case one would think that the lefties would be delighted to mention this one every now and then but, I guess, not really.

They, apparently, would rather beat up a fellow progressive/lefty/Democrat than attack a Trump! Amazing! Then, again, maybe not so much........... Seems, to me, that the democratic whatever would much rather beat up one of their own than upset the Trumpies of the world.

It took the Republicans about 40 years to fine tune their Hillary demonization but it REALLY worked for, apparently, EVERYBODY! Its really quite effective, Hitler knew it and, now, the Republicans can demonstrate it. It goes like:
Tell a lie. It needs to be big and it need to be repeated often over time. It will, during that time, become fact.

It also helps if you can get congress to hold 100 million dollars worth of failed hearing. Then tell everybody they were very successful. That will put the cherry on the top of the cake for sure!