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I find it interesting. Most of the folk, on this site, seem to be lefties (Democrats). Most are also upset with the "Hillary Emails". I find that pretty interesting. The Trump daughter, Ivonka (I think) has been using a private email server since Trump took over (as far as I know). That being the case one would think that the lefties would be delighted to mention this one every now and then but, I guess, not really.

That's not the reason why it's not mentioned. Ivanka AND Jared have done the same thing that Hillary was accused of. I'm sure it's been mentioned before. The problem is that there is so much to call-out Trump on, that you just don't know where to begin. Hmm

But this much is true: if Trump is calling someone out on some thing - he's doing the very same behavior himself - I guarantee. smile
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