Clinton was an extremely unpopular candidate. She won the election by nearly 3 million votes. We have no candidates carrying that kind of baggage this time around. Except Trump. Has he gained any new voters? Has he done anything to get out the vote among Republicans? has he made a lot of enemies? Pissed off Democrats on a daily basis?

No, I'm not worried about independents, Democrats, or Republicans. I'm not worried about third party voters, I'm not worried in the least about which party will win a year from now. I'm not even terribly concerned about which candidate wins the Democratic nomination. I don't want it to be Biden but all the others are fine with me.

Every election is about turnout. The polls can effect the turnout as was the case in 2016 when polling assured voters that Clinton would win handily so they didn't turn out in sufficient numbers. If Democratic voters ever imagined that Donald Trump could actually win they'd have got off their asses and voted. We owe Donald Trump's victory to the media and to the pollsters.

There will be no such apathy this time around. This time it's personal. This time voters will be seeking revenge.

It's going to be a bloodbath.

I'm not trying to convince you or anyone else.

But the recent elections in Kentucky and Louisiana should go a ways to show how even reliably red states are no longer reliable. These are "polls" that count, polls that should have gone the other way. With any other president they would have gone the other way.

Hide and watch, bucko, it's gonna be a hoot!
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