I think that, a couple of years ago, I posted a list of stuff that the Trump administration had done. I think it was pages long and Trump had been in office less than 1 year. Since then the number of what I consider offenses against citizens has, at least, quintupled. I would be nice if somebody with the time could re-capitulate offenses that can be described in single sentences, like:
Trump administration has:
reduced drinking water regulations
changed law to allow coal
wants to log the Tongass national forest
assaulting national monuments
caging children
throwing military veterans out of country
assaults lifelong civil servants for speaking truth
lies approximately 80% of the time
changed law to allow coal waste to pollute streams

My thought is the Dems should produce such a list of items so that candidates, when lacking for something to say could simply read a any number of such things, for the edification of those held in thrall, by Trump, due to their incredible ignorance. I suspect, for instance, that his administration has, at least, 200 environmental changes that could be added to such a list.