Democratic Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg told a PBS journalist that Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China is not a dictator.

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Earlier this fall, Mike Bloomberg said that Chinese President Xi Jinping is “not a dictator,” and that the long-ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) “listens to the public.”

Now that the former mayor has entered the presidential contest, comments like this are coming back to haunt him.

Haunt him? It should totally disqualify him! mad

YES, YES, YES, this is VERY troubling, I find it downright reprehensible, and it is the sign that everyone should interpret as that of another crooked billionaire who seeks to remake the world to suit his personal agendas, all over again.

It does not matter if he is running as a Democrat because upon acting on his personal beliefs that Ping isn't a dictator, he will damage the country just as much as Trump is right now. This is, quite simply, a total dick punch to everything we believe about freedom.

So, instead of becoming a tool of Putin, we'd become a tool of Ping.
Great.... rolleyes :doh: dunce .... just great. <<<(sarcasm!)

Yes, he IS too intelligent and well connected not to know any of this. He's fully aware of this but preserving and boosting his own fortunes apparently come first, as can be seen by such a self-serving statement.

The good news is, it's extremely doubtful Bloomberg even has a marshmallow's chance in a cyclotron of ever getting near the White House.
And with this, I suspect he has just roasted his own ass.
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