The world's gone crazy. I honestly don't know enough about the European economy but it seems like Brexit is likely to do a lot more damage than it does good. Or at least that's what I've gleaned from the headlines and such.

But maybe Brentrance was a bad idea in the first place?

Let's not forget that the British Isles have been at war with the continent for literally thousands of years. There could be some tribal issues with the merger.

If the conservative victory is a harbinger of things to come, then so be it. We're fecked and there's nought to be done. Did you know we're overdue for a recession? And it's not really looking like there's gonna be one anytime soon. The tax cuts will keep the economy propped up as they slowly bankrupt the government.

The number one rule of the government game is not to get caught with that tarbaby in your lap. Like W passed it to Bams right before the music stopped.

A lot of folks vote their pocketbooks, whoever is in charge gets the blame or the credit for their personal financial well being. The myth of the good economy is that everyone in the country is just going deeper and deeper in debt and the government is going deeper and deeper into debt and a handful of megacorporations are pulling all the strings to funnel all of the wealth int the world into the hands....oh I ranting...nevermind.
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