Yesterday the house had a 14 hour of 'debate'. I didn't watch much of it as it was, except for a few instances, got incredibly boring after the first hour or so. I did notice that whilst the Republicans charged the Dems with everything but the kitchen sink the Dems, for the most part, stuck to the story. When one actually stepped out of the story, and actually attacked Trump for stuff, it was a genuine boredom breaker. Anyway, it was, as far as I was concerned another effort, by the Dems that fell flat on their collective faces. The only real amusement was when the Dems shut it down to continue in the morning and the Republicans, who had spent the entire time trying to extend the boredom infinitely went ballistic that the Dems chose not to have the vote in the middle of the night.

I also watched the vote which came, and went, rather swiftly.

All in all, so far, I actually saw little that would encourage voters to all come out and vote. Instead we were treated to congressional process. That being said I remember one Republican who was on a geniune run, and, obviously, thrilled with the sound of his own braying, and claiming the entire process was the reason congress was held in such low regard. That got my attention. Their current approval rating seems to be about 20%
Congress is also less popular than hemeroids (amonst other things)

They just don't seem to get it. NONE of them get it! I am going to beat a dead horse on this one - sorry about that. The simple fact is that the founders set up a system wherein two sides would sit down and base decisions on what they could both live with. Its that simple. Congress, however, doesn't seem to see it that way. I believe that those on the left are more agreeable to this system than the right but I am not sure by all that much. One would think that they could come to this conclusion all on their own but, I guess not. Instead everybody wants to have a fight and 'win'. The simple fact is that the system isn't about winning and losing but doing their f***ing jobs! ie. sitting down and hammering out stuff they can both live with without rancor, accusation, hate, screaming, yelling, and making much noise.

I was going to suggest that gov establish an office that regulated congressional behavior which did not support sides. When somebody acted up, or even a party acted up, it got excoriated by this office and every news media in the land would be forced to carry the story. Then I changed my mind. Seems to me, given the current crop of jerks, they would glory in their lunacy.

I am sure there are people who are experts at getting two sides together to reach some kind of agreement. My solution is to gather all the jerks of congress (most or all) in a big room and make them listen to how they are supposed to behave - the whole damned bunch of them. They get to say nothing they just must sit there and listen. That should occur every morning for a solid month. No days off, no vacations, no 3 hour days, they just get lectured on how to behave and what they are there to do (the nation's business and NOTHING else!). Its unfortunate that we don't have a national election where we could get something like this passed (just to see what would happen).

Then, just maybe, they might get the message. One would think that they just might want to be more popular than hemorrhoids. Then, again, considering how the whole bunch of them behave, and their obvious inability to behave like people with a job to do and actually do it eventually the whole bunch will get fired and there will be blood on the streets. I was going to mention they probably need a good spanking but, on reflection, that is probably an error in that they know how high they are thought of and yet they just continue to behave like kindergarten children battling over toys when nobody is looking. That being said they might just want to be spanked (which is a bit disgusting). Instead they don't do their jobs with the entire world watching and, obviously, either don't understand the system or just don't give a damn!

Just saying..................