I did. The Republicans are waaaay ahead of the Democrats when it comes to wrong. They just can't help themselves. We have now been exposed, in just the last week their Incredible skills of lying, innuendo, name calling, volume, and all the rest. Still, the Dems too have had their problems over the years and, in the end, contributed to the cause of 'winning' instead of doing their jobs. An examle might be interesting. I remember when Biden bragged on working with the other side to get things done (the way its designed) and the serious lefties attacked him full bore for even thinking it was the right thing to do. Yep, if its a contest then the Republicans win hands down and they deserve it! They work, very hard, at it, credit where credit due! (but the Dems to have contributed to the mess)

I continue to believe, however, that the Democrats are amazing at not really fighting back in any meaningful way. Think about it. Called the party of tax and spend and they don't even bother to note that most of that comes from bailing out the nation after yet another Republican financial disaster (which they rarely mention). Trump regularly attacks them for being the party of do nothing and obstruct everything. This, in spite of the fact that the Republicans are really the do nothing party. They have, for instance, passed a whole 50 pieces of legislation in the last 3 years whilst the Dems have sent those same Republicans well over 270 pieces of legislation which Moscow Mitch refuses to even put to a vote. This being the case when was the last time you heard a Democrat, except for Pelosi, point even a bit of that (there are exceptions but they are few and far between). Nope - they just ignore yet another lying slander from the Right. It just goes on and on. The Democrats, I think, are determined to be the civilized ones and just don't care what they are called (a serious mistake as far as I am concerned).

I will also point out, in passing, how the UK treated their 'socialists'. Makes no difference over here, the Democrats just keep on preaching socialism at every opportunity. Unfortunately there are signs that will cause the Democrats to lose and Trump to serve another 4 years unless they are very lucky.

I continue to hope I am dead wrong on this one.

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