I continue to believe, however, that the Democrats are amazing at not really fighting back in any meaningful way. Think about it.

Yes, think about it...that would upset the applecart wouldn't it?

Something might change mightn't it?

Think also about the fact that the candidates the DNC wants on the ballot are the ones most like the Republicans.
And they usually get what they want.

Which isn't what the majority of the people want...it's what the rich ones want and what corporate lobbyists buy.

What I'm sayin' here is that the game is rigged. Both parties answer to the same master.

The voters have within their powers the ability to change this. But every time the opportunity arrives they get flim-flammed out of it one way or another. We have before us an opportunity...so it's really just a matter of waiting to see how we get flim-flammed out of it.

One good way would be to split the progressive vote to give the win to the party favorite. I wonder if they've thought of that?