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Chunk, you work about as hard as anybody I have heard of to stand up and fight for absolutely nothing. its truly weird. If I was to ask you just what you are for I am absolutely sure I would be gifted with incredibly ambiguous technical political blather that, basically, would probably confuse the hell out of me as well as hurt my feelings as I am kinda delicate.

Apparently you are for NOT working across the isle. Instead you choose to use a quisling, who is determined to keep his job, to define just what "work across the isle" means. The simple fact is that working across the isle means that two people, on opposing sides, agree that there is a problem and that they may have the capacity to both get it done by agreeing to what to do. This is not compromise so much as two reasonable people agreeing to a solution they can both live with. Its that simple. I suspect you actually don't believe that is even possible. You might actually consider such a thing although, as far as I can tell you belong on the camp of the purists (you know, that select group of political nazis who would rather condemn than support, and would never deal with the enemy no matter what). What bothers me about that one is that group actually voted for Trump last time around because they didn't get their way.

One can almost appreciate your capacity to work, very hard, to make sure that Trump gets another 4 years. Its really not so much about left and right as much as there being 2 sides (without the labels). To vote for a side you have to decide whether you want the Trump side or the other side. Apparently your druthers is the Trump side, or, possibly, you just don't care and the important part is really the blather.

At the risk of p*ssing you off it sincerely hope you lose. I am saying that because you are win/lose kinda guy. I know you want to win but have yet been unable to figure out, in plain words, just where the hell you stand.

I, on the other hand, want Trump gone. I tend to not deal with winning and losing as that, in itself is a dead end and got us where we are today. I just want the Jackass gone so we can all move on (both sides). In other words I am completely disinterested in what the Dems do, say or act. I just want Trump gone and, apparently, you don't care one way or another as the important thing is to pick nits whilst displaying an incredible, and impressive, capacity for political jargon.

Again, I just want Trump gone. I have absolutely no interest in anything but that which tends to help that along. I literally do not care about anything else. If the Dems win THEN I will care but, until then..... I stand neutral on impeachment as I have no idea if its gonna help, not help, or doesn't make a difference.

I just want Trump gone.......... (and I seem to have a lot of company on that one)

That right there...

You've encapsulated so much in one post of the willfully obtuse argument that come from conservatives.

First, I have repeated myself over my positions for months/years now. Can't help you with your confusion. You want to know my position on any topic? Just ask.

Second, I have no idea why anyone would fetishize Bi-partison 'working across the aisle'. That's been a bait and switch over the last forty years with the results mostly being Democrats carrying water for Republicans on key issues.

What you seem to be arguing for, JGW, is a 'return to normalcy'. That ship sailed and was what the Democrats tried to run on it in 2016. That is why they wanted Trump to win his primary and run against him the first place. Not that we'll see any real discussion of that chestnut. No 'come to Jesus' on that political malpractice. A more out of touch political party I have ever seen.

How on earth anyone would insist on rallying behind that incompetent management that directly helped bring us Trump in the first place is beyond my pay grade. But from the smoking crater of 2016 they crawl, pointing everywhere they can to blame crashing the plane into the dirt and insisting we voters get behind them and board the next one with the same crew back at the controls. The most important thing is to get back into the blue sky!!!

Brudder please....

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