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2. Where is it written that there shall be only two corporate parties. Iíll wait.....

Your wait is over, because where is it written that alternate parties are supposed to just magically appear by mere wishing, magically appear with a full set of down-ticket support and filled seats in local, city, county, state and Congress?

Where is it written that setting up a PO Box, website and social media account is enough to deserve being elected POTUS straight from the git-go with no foundational support?

You're already on record as flatly stating that you should not be considered a voice for solutions, so you're just here to gripe.
So it's a cinch you're probably not that interested in doing the long term legwork to stand an alternate party up with the needed numbers to actually win elections.

I donít know Jeff. I donít have the slightest idea. Those are your questions, not mine.

JGW seems to think the he knows how the system should work based on some design I may not get. Iíd like a citation for his claim. That used to be a way to keep things semi-legit. Back in Philís day I think.

Did I say that I should not be considered a voice for solutions? Where was that?

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