Originally Posted By: Jeffery J. Haas
In order for us to get to where we should be, one first must get a handle on what we are. Right now, "what we are" is in the hands of another group who thinks we should be a barbaric far right authoritarian theocratic oligarchy.

A move back to a center left in power is a distinct and effective sea change away from that, provided it is a convincing and irrefutable win that is perceived as an effective rebuke to the barbarians.

From there the leap to a more leftist position is a shorter gap.

I guess it would depend on what you consider ‘center left’?
My understanding of it would be someone such as FDR.
If that’s what your advocating then, yeah sure.
If it’s a ‘return to normalcy’ incrementalism argument to reinstall the neoliberal consensus of austerity and technocracy then I suggest stocking up on brass as it’s been a proven loser against the rising fascist tides.