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Evidently, in 2016 voters wanted to cripple them, and this is what they get. Blaming the Democrats in Congress is rather silly.

Lazy apathetic Dem voters and pissed off Dems who stayed home and sulked is what got us the TRIFECTA. And Trump, of course.
But the TRIFECTA was mostly the result of people just not even bothering to vote at all.

The right's problem is that the whole world is seen as a zero-sum game, and they now violently oppose any other world view ("Is that a poor kid EATING LUNCH! AAAARRRG!")

The left's problem is that nobody knows how to form coalitions, and are now violently opposed to the very idea. This is how your political view can be socially dominant and still fail to achieve a governing majority.
What can we do to help you stop screaming?