we get the government we deserve.

Half of America doesn't call him Mango Mussolini. They call him God's Chosen One.

Half of America is happy with the government we have and willing to vote for its continuance.

Half of America doesn't vote at all because they don't see either party as better than the other.

Everybody votes their pocketbook.

It's a bit of a logjam right now but I honestly think we may see some changes in the next few years.

Bernie is surging in the polls by the way! I imagine Chunkstyle is walking around with a little more spring in his step these days just knowing there's a good chance he'll get to own the libs in the end.

We would then hope that Warren would bow out early and endorse Bernie.

It's the agenda that's important, not the person. Sen. Warren would have a big part to play in a Sanders administration. I'm gonna let myself get a little excited about this possibility...
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