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Bernie is surging in the polls by the way! I imagine Chunkstyle is walking around with a little more spring in his step these days just knowing there's a good chance he'll get to own the libs in the end.

We would then hope that Warren would bow out early and endorse Bernie.

It's the agenda that's important, not the person. Sen. Warren would have a big part to play in a Sanders administration. I'm gonna let myself get a little excited about this possibility...

Has anyone else noticed that the top MSM outlets have suddenly done a soft pivot and are quietly acknowledging that there even IS a Candidate Sanders? And then this morning I clocked both CNN and MSNBC pointing to op-eds by Politico and The Guardian which are stating that DNC is beginning to grasp the possibility that a Sanders pick is the winning gambit against Trump.

I don't know if it's genuine or calculated...it sort of resembles watching my square parents trying to learn how to dance The Twist back in the 1950's, but I still had to almost pinch myself.

Just how effective IS the GOP noise machine, really?
As the campaign approaches, I guess we'll see.

But I still say that they've largely shot their wad on boy who cries wolf shrieks of socialism, because the folks who buy that already voted Trump anyway, and the ones who don't normally bother to inform themselves saw a very composed old guy with frumpy hair who didn't look or sound anything like either Stalin or Castro a few times over the past week.
In fact, he sounded a lot like FDR.

He was talking about bringing back good paying jobs and helping their kids get training for those jobs, all while presenting a logical case for healthcare reform and for once, these voters and viewers didn't get treated to the usual indignant snorts of derision after the nice Mister Sanders was finished speaking.

Again, maybe this is just a calculated media move, or maybe media is starting to notice that they gain viewers whenever that nice old man is on their channel, and the viewers go away when he's not.
Oh wait...that IS calculated. Okay I don't care, just keeping putting the nice old man on TV.

Anyway, it's a noticeable shift, and not just because I noticed it.
I heard a lot of friends noticing it too.
At least for the moment, the MSM blackout of Bernie appears to be lifting.
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